TCFD History

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Station 1 (60 N Lincoln St West Salem OH, 44287)

The Town and Country Fire District is a joint Fire District formed on June 1st, 1973, under the provisions of ORC(Ohio Revised Code) Section 505.371. The District was formed by Homer Township of Medina County, Congress Township, West Salem Village, and Congress Village of Wayne County. The governing board consists of a Trustee from each Township and a councilman from each Village. The Fire District replaced West Salem Volunteer Fire Department, which was reportdly the first fire company organized in Wayne County in 1874. 


During the first few years after its formation, the Fire district provided only fire suppression activities and typically had 40-50 requests for sevice annually. In 1977 the Fire District purchased its first ambulance and started providing emergency medical service to its residents,resulting in a marked increase in call volume. Requests for service gradually increased over the years and in 1998 the Fire District hired its first full time employee, Lois Welch. In 2001, the Fire District started utilizing several part time employees to cover manpower shortages during dayshift. In 2005 the Fire District assumed managemnt of Wayne County Technical Rescue Team, a unit that specializes mainly in rope rescue. By 2006 the call volume had increased to around 500 requests per year and a full time Chief, Bob Wright was added.  In 2014, the Fire District added a 3rd full time person due to increased call volume.  In 2020, the Fire District moved into a new building, moving from two seperate buildings into one larger building.

Station 2 (Congress Village)

In the fall of 2013 the Fire District constructed Station 2 in the Village of Congress. This station was designed to more efficiently handle fire calls in the eastern and southern portions of Congress Township, primarily areas in excess of five miles from the main station. Station 2 houses Engine 151, Tender 155, and several days per week EMS 159.