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Firefighter/EMT of The Year

The Firefighter/EMT of The Year Award is based on the courageous and/or outstanding service given by a  Firefighter/EMT during the past year or more.  Along with the Firefighter/EMT of The Year Award other training awards are given by the Fire District.

Lois Welch 2007

Diane Scotch 2008

Greg Barnette 2008

Philip Wigal 2009

Michael Trimble 2010

D.J. Funk 2011

David Welch 2012

Jeremy Herrmann 2013

Chris Parker 2014

Capt. Blair Bechtel 2015

Adam Hory 2016

Don Smith 2017

Bryan Thomas 2018

Sarah Maximovich 2019

Dave Liggett 2020