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Public Safety

Green reflective mailbox signs are available at Station 1 in West Salem for $10.  This includes the sign and refelctive numbers for each side.  The mailbox signs greatly help us in locating your house.  If you are not interested, please make sure there are at least numbers on your mailbox, if there are no numbers identifying your address it may take us longer to locate your house.

Our Station 1 address is 60 N Lincoln St West Salem OH. 

 Our business phone number is 419-853-4022.


Covid-19 update.  Social distancing of 6ft is still recommended as well as wearing a mask in public.  If there are any other updates, we will keep you posted.  A couple good websites to go to get info are and

If you would like to be a Firefighter/EMT stop in and ask for a Application. We are here Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:00pm